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AklaBox DM: AklabBox is an Document Management platform allowing collaborative document management, with a secure distribution through user rights management.

Aklabox DM includes optical caracter recognition (OCR), and automated reading of documents thus permitting your organization to manage and classify effectively your documents, without being hindered by the original format.




AklaBox Social : AklaBox Social is the Aklabox DM component allowing company or organizations to follow key words on social medias in order to analyse tendencies and follow the activity on these subjects.


SDIS 25 chooses Aklabox

SDIS25 chooses AklaBox for its Paperless Project


French Fire Fighter Department SDIS 25 has selected BPM-Conseil to deploy their Document Management and Paperless Project, using AklaBox (Document Management, Digitalization and Paperless modules) together with Adullact set of platforms (Pastell, Slow & I-Parapheur). Project includes support for deeds, Chorus Pro and Helios modules.


Aklad, Plateforme de Lad-Rad-OCR


The AkLad solution developed by BPM-Conseil is the only Open Source platform of the Lad-Rad-OCR type.

The AkLad solution allows you to transform paper documents, PDF files and digital photos of text into editable and searchable files. It is no longer necessary to type in the text of your documents or to modify their format. In addition, it is possible to modify, share and send them to a GED / SAE solution and search, and extract information obtained by OCR.

Aklabox v16.04, "R" Edition

Aklabox new release, version 16.04, comes with standard R models to analyze activity on platform, technical activity (such as forecast model about indexation time evolution) and user activity (analyze per user type, predictive model about usage).

This release also has an updated version of our R program that optimize user search and build document relation based on searched keywords. This package now supports more options to customize the search algorithm based on user type, together with new predictive search capabilities.

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